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PIC has aligned with Siemens Industry to help customers achieve whatever type of control system they need.

Siemens is a world leader in energy, control, and automation. They offer a wide range of PLCs, HMIs, software packages, and I/O devices making any automation and data management task a breeze. Siemens offers a wide range of modular PLCs, embedded automation products, and PC-based controllers all featuring advanced options such as safety integration, failsafe operation, and redundancy.

Siemens offers an online configuration utility to assist a planner in both making appropriate choices and guiding the selection of accessories, Siemens TIA Selection Tool. This website has all the information needed to successfully configure a TIA automation system. The TIA selection tool is available for standalone "offline" configuration or can be started from this page directly.

Another useful website is the automation support website, Siemens Support Portal. This website allows a user to do a search for topics which accesses Siemens' published documents and the user forum section of the support website. A products sales and support status can also be searched by entering the automation product's part number and selecting the item from the drop down list. From there the products lifecycle is revealed and successor information is provided if available.

We stock all the most common automation hardware and software you may need, and we also offer design assistance for, and training on, Siemens automation products.