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Panel Design

PIC can provide design services for enclosures in industrial applications. We can meet with you to discuss your electrical enclosure needs. Whether your application is as simple as a standard NEMA 12 single door enclosure for a PLC application or a low voltage custom drive enclosure, we have experience that allows us to provide these services at very competitive rates.

With a customer's specification, we are able to design an enclosure, provide standard drawings in AutoCAD, and provide space for testing.

If you don't have a specification, we can still help. Through details discussions we can design an enclosure to meet almost any need. If you require a NEMA type 1 enclosure, a NEMA type 12, or anything in between, PIC can assist in helping your company fulfill its needs.

Some examples of our design work include:

Custom Drive Enclosures

When a drive needs to be mounted in an enclosure to protect it from the environment and users from harm, we can help. We are experienced in designing cabinets to house drives. Examples can be seen below.

Single large drive in an enclosure:


Click an image for a larger view.

Multiple drives in a single enclosure:

Click an image for a larger view.

High performance drives added to an existing MCC:

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Wastewater Collection System Control Panels

If you need an industrial control panel designed from the most basic description or a detailed specification, PIC can help. We are experienced in designing industrial control panels to control many different systems from municipal applications like vacuum sewage collections systems and membrane filtrations systems to industrial applications like furnaces used in metal processing.

We can incorporate standard relays and industrial programmable logic controllers. With safety in mind, we can also incorporate the most modern safety techniques available from industry leader Siemens.

We can also combine PLC’s with the most advanced human machine interface (HMI) hardware and SCADA software packages to provide seamless control, interface, and data management.

An example of a vacuum collection system panel:

Click image for a larger view.

This project included designing the primary control panel to NEMA 4X specification within the scope of the end customer's detailed specification. In conjunction to the control panel was supplied a Siemens MCC to control all the motors for this application. PIC also provided the electrical startup and programming services and continues to provide any maintenance the end user requires.

An example of a Membrane filtration system control panel:

Click image for a larger view.

The second image is an actual screen shot from a remote computer running Windows XP Professional with Internet Explorer and Siemens Software Security Client. With these programs it is possible to connect to a remote industrial control panel that incorporates a security router like a Siemens S612 used here. This allows an operator to monitor and control a system from anywhere an internet connection is available.

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Industrial Application Control Panels

Similar in concept to the municipal applications shown here (link), PIC can design control panels for many industrial applications. If you are an OEM and would like to take advantage of the savings provided by outsourcing your design/programming costs PIC can help. We have worked with many OEM's.

One example is a metal processing plant that needed a replacement control system for an electric fired resistive vacuum hydrogen injection furnace. The project included meeting with the customer to discuss the issues with the existing control system, modern upgrades, and final startup and documentation.

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