Spang Power Electronics

Spang Power Electronics designs and manufactures dry-type transformers in 600, 5,000, and 15,000 volt classes for single or three-phase operations.

Spang transformers are designed for a variety of requirements and applications, including general purpose applications, multiple outputs for silicon carbide heating applications, single load matching and rectifier-duty, drive isolation and for furnace applications.

Federal Pacific

Federal Pacific, the business that became Electro-Mechanical Corporation started in 1958 in Bristol, Virginia, in a small building on Williams Street. With little equipment and borrowed funds, Electric Motor Repair and Sales began life as an electrical apparatus repair shop. The original building had very limited space. There was only enough room on the first floor for the tear down and the reassembly of the motors. A hole was cut in the floor of the second story to allow the motor to be hoisted to the second floor to be wound. The Company was the first of its kind in the region to offer seven-day, around-the-clock service to its customers.